Study Explores Cons of Wearing Make-up During Exercise

Study Explores Cons of Wearing Make-up During Exercise

Dr. Sukho Lee, associate chair and professor of health and kinesiology, recently completed a unique study that’s likely to pique the interest of fitness-minded women—or whoever likes to use cosmetics to look their best when hitting the gym. The study has also garnered the attention of some prestigious scientific publications.  

Lee and his associates recruited 43 A&M-San Antonio students—20 males and 23 females—to participate in a 20-minute treadmill exercise. Researchers applied foundation cream to one side of each participant’s face and left the other half untouched. A special analysis device was used to closely look at the skin before and after the treadmill run, measuring a variety of metrics, including moisture, elasticity, pore size and oil levels.

Dr. Sukho Lee recently completed a study about exercise and make-up that’s garnering national attention.

Post-workout, researchers discovered that both the side of the face covered in cream and the make-up free side saw increases in moisture and elasticity, caused by the sweat-induced hydration boost. However, results also showed that the foundation trapped moisture, causing clogged pores, uneven oil levels and skin dryness. 

While health enthusiasts understandably want to look their best when exercising, the study’s results suggest it’s best to workout sans makeup, especially if you’re prone to dry skin or acne.  

“This is a gleaming example of the deleterious effects of make-up use during exercise,” the researchers wrote in their paper. “ 

Lee’s study was published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, a quarterly peer-reviewed medical journal. Several publications have also written about the study, including New Scientist  and StudyFinds. Lee said he and his team hope to next investigate the effects of wearing other cosmetic creams and sunscreens during longer exercise routines.  

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