Fall 2022 Graduate Makes Dream Come True in Face of Challenges

Fall 2022 Graduate Makes Dream Come True in Face of Challenges

Among the graduate students walking the stage for fall 2022 is Gloria Reyes who is earning her Master of Business Administration. Reyes graduated with honors in 2012 from Texas A&M University-San Antonio, where she received her Bachelor of Arts and Science. Despite her academic success, Reyes’s road to graduation was not easy.  

She struggled with dyslexia and, back in 2011, took in her nieces that were, at the time, a month old and four years old. They are now her daughters, whom she raised as a single mother while working as a jet engine mechanic.  

“I’ve always told them that the only person who can ever hold you back is yourself. That your learning disabilities do not define you. They are superpowers,” said Reyes. “I once pointed out to my youngest that in every superhero movie, the hero had to learn to use those powers.”  

Reyes leads by example, helping her children overcome dyslexia and other learning disabilities. She showed her daughters that she wrestles with challenges too but does not let it stop her. Reyes took her daughters on weekend trips to the University Library, where she would check out stacks of books. Reyes used these moments to demonstrate studying tips, explaining the importance of attention to detail and habits such as “coloring” her textbooks using highlighters. She modeled how these changes, along with her persistence, helped her achieve her dream of earning a degree.  

Despite setting her focus on obtaining her degree, Reyes made sure that her children didn’t spend all their time in the library. Between classes and work, Reyes enrolled her daughters at Teresa Champion Dance Academy. While sitting outside the studio, she saw them work towards their own goals, while she focused on writing papers and completing homework.  

Reyes reflected on all the support she received from her family and the University throughout her academic career, specifically Disability Support Services (DSS), which provided the resources she needed. DSS works collaboratively with students to ensure equal access, full participation and reasonable accommodations by coordinating services that meet the unique educational needs of enrolled students with documented disabilities. Reyes also cited the library staff, who were accommodating with her daughters as she spent many weekends there studying.  

“I am still in awe at the fact that after so many years and late nights, I reached my dream. I did it for my girls to set the example for others that it is possible and worth it.” 

Her view on education has turned around from feeling like she wasn’t enough in high school to knowing, despite having a learning disability, she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to in life. 

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